Downtown Vernon Murals MapThe Downtown Vernon Association has invested considerable resources into the creation of the 27 amazing works of art that grace our downtown buildings. These murals depict the history, culture, scenery, and folklore that made Vernon what it is today.

The mural project was a multi-year collaborative effort that included youth employment, revitalization, and heritage conservation strategies. Our newest addition to the murals was painted in the summer of 2013 and is located on the side of the Sutton Building, at 2749 30th Street. It depicts the Internment Camps in Canada during WW1, one of which was in Vernon.

Many thanks to the Government of Canada, City of Vernon, Artists, Community and Downtown Merchants, all who supported the projects.

Shuswap andOkanagan Railway

1 – Shuswap and Okanagan Railway

The Shuswap and Okanagan Railway, a spur of the CPR, began construction at Sicamous in 1890, reaching Vernon in 1891, and Okanagan Landing in 1892. At Okanagan Landing the train was loaded onto CPR sternwheelers destined for Pentiction. The S&O was nicknamed the Molasses Limited because some people claimed they could make the same journey […]

Frank Reynolds Warehouse

2 – Frank S. Reynolds’ Warehouse

Frank Reynolds, known as Vernon’s “man of machines” owned a farm equipment and carriage outlet on 30th Avenue from 1905 to 1912. Frank’s staff is depicted in this mural along with a car from the Vernon Auto Company. Lead Artists: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Margarita Alejandre, Liz Allardice, Eric Fossi, Mandarine Funke, Nicky McEwan, Thomas […]

Vernon Fire Brigade Mural

3 – Vernon Fire Brigade

The importance of a well-equipped fire department cannot be underestimated. At first the Vernon Fire Brigade had only leather buckets to fight fires with. Prompted by insurance companies, the brigade purchased a hand-drawn engine equipped with only a hand pump. Later they upgraded to the motorized engine shown in this mural.   Lead Artist: Michelle […]

In Memory Mural

4 – In Memory

This mural is dedicated to all those who sacrificed their lives in war. The posters depict different war time efforts. Red Cross volunteers were a common sight on the streets of Vernon during World War I. The mural is located on the buildings that back onto Cenotaph park. 31st Avenue between 30th and 31st Street […]

Allice Parke Diaries Mural - Vernon BC

5 – Alice Parke Diaries

Day-to-day life in Vernon before the turn of the Century is permanently preserved, thanks to the detailed diaries kept by Alice Barrett Parke. Alice Parke’s journals were recently compiled into a book, Hobnobbing with a Countess. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Jodi Falker, Jesse Hannas, Kim Harrer, David Main, Natalie Mosser, Rae Murphy, Crystal […]

Dr Reinhard's House

6 – Dr. Reinhard’s House and Office

The rustic streetscape of a bygone era is captured in this mural depicting the home of Dr. Reinhard (Vernon’s 3rd doctor). This house served as both a home and a medical clinic and was conveniently located across from the railway station. The mural is located in the alley north of 30th Avenue. Lead Artists: Michelle […]

Indian Motorcycle Dealer Mural

7 – Indian Motocycle

The Megaw family ran one of the largest mercantile operations in the region for more than 40 years. This mural features one of Megaw’s ads for the Indian Motorcycle whose all-chain drive was far superior to the belt driven machines of the day. The mural is located in the alley south of 30th Avenue. Lead […]

Okanagan Lake Mural

8 – Okanagan Lake

The lake has always been a major part of life in the Okanagan providing food, work, and leisure for the many residents of the area. On a clear summer’s day, sailboats can still be seen sailing on the waters of Okanagan Lake. Pictured is the only two mast sailboat available until modern times. Lead Artist: […]

Creamery Truck Mural

9 – Creamery Truck

H.W. Knight opened the Vernon Creamery in 1920. He already owned the building, so all he needed was the equipment for the production of butter. The truck was a common sight on the rural roads of Vernon. Mural is located in the alley where Coldstream Avenue meets 32nd Street (Highway 97) and is directly across […]

Vernon's Steam Laundry Mural

10 – Vernon’s Steam Laundry

In 1908, Mr. Cecil Johnston opened Vernon’s very first commercial laundry aptly named, Vernon Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaners. They promised prompt and satisfactory service. Mural is located in the alley where Coldstream Avenue meets 32nd Street (Highway 97) and is directly across the alley from the Creamery Truck mural. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery Other […]

Office of the Daily News Mural

11 – Office of the Daily News

The Vernon News was the first newspaper in the Okanagan and featured local and world news. It also had a popular column called Town and Country which detailed community life on a weekly basis. Lead Artists: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Liz Allardice (Assistant Artist); Chris Bennett, Shane Berg, Peter Buwalda, Sarah Hambley, Monica Jewell, Christa […]

City of Vernon Monoplane Mural

12 – City of Vernon

In 1934, two Vernon boys worked for ten months on the construction of a small open cockpit monoplane. It was a two seater with a 40HP engine that could reach a top speed of 90 mph. Eldon Seymour and Jim Duddle bought the plans for the plane out of a magazine and flew the plane […]

Museum without Walls Mural

13 – Museum without Walls

This is a very unique mural because it uses a technique called Trompe L’oeil or Trick of the Eye. The mural shows a little boy looking through a broken wall into a museum, that has a mural on display. The inner mural is one of women working in an orchard during WWI. The mural is […]

Fisher Family Mural Vernon BC

14 – Fisher Family

These two murals capture a day in the life of old Vernon. The Fisher children are shown fishing in the Shuswap River while Wally Fisher and his son Herb are depicted beside the family wagon after doing some logging. Wally Fisher is the founder of Fisher’s Hardware, a long time business in Vernon. Lead Artist: […]

15 – Barnard Avenue

Vernon’s first mural depicts the early 1900s on Barnard Avenue when horses and horse drawn vehicles were the main modes of transportation. The man pictured in the carriage is Francis Barnard; he established Barnard’s Express, also known as BX Ranch, in 1862. This mural no longer exists Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery

Cowboys Mural

16 – Cowboys

From the 1860′s to the 1890′s, young men from all over the world came to the valley for the cowboy way of life. It was the era of the cattle ranches. The best riders and ropers were the Okanagan First Nation Cowboys. Mural is located in the alley between the parkade and 32nd Avenue. Lead […]

Okanagan Indian Band

17 – Okanagan Indian Band

The rich culture of the Okanagan First Nation people is evident in this mural. The eagle, wolf and legendary spirit of the lake are shown along with Tommy Gregoire an accomplished rodeo rider and chief Pierre Louis and his wife Catherine. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery

World Wars Murals

18 – World Wars

Vernon has had a long and proud military history. This extensive mural is almost 300 long and depicts Vernon’s efforts in both WWI and WWII. The mural shows specific battles, the various armed forces and unique imagery. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Maggie Boyd, Dana Craik, Byren Koelling, Afton Lamb, Sheldon Louis, David Main, […]

The Geisha Mural

19 – Geisha

The best way to spend an evening in Vernon during the early 1900′s was going to see a concert, play, or moving picture. This mural depicts the first production by the Vernon Musical and Dramatic Society called, The Geisha. Lead Artists: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Leah Bernhardt, Anita Dekok, Shelley Dove, Allison Florence, Jaime Hall, […]

Sovereign Lake Mural

20 – Sovereign Lake

In 1939, the City of Vernon donated a log cabin to a local cross country ski club on Vernon Lake. Pictured at the cabin are Carl Wylie and his wife Flora founders of the club. Vernon Lake was later renamed Sovereign Lake after good citizen and avid skier Bishop Art Sovereign. The ski area has […]

Multiculturalism Mural

21 – Multiculturalism

This mural embodies the diverse cultures represented by the citizens of Vernon. From left to right the cultures represented are Chinese, Eastern European, Scandinavian, English, Aboriginal, East Indian, Japanese and Belgian. On the far right is Pierre Elliot Trudeau who initiated many multiculturalism policies as Prime Minister of Canada and who died during the painting […]

The Captive Artist - Sveva Caetani

22 – The Captive Artist

Featuring Vernon artist Sveva Caetani, The Captive artist captures the story of a woman trapped in her home by her distraught mother. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery

The Allure of Clay Mural

23 – The Allure of Clay

Featuring Vernon potter Axel Ebring, The Allure of Clay captures the story of a famous Vernon potter. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery

Captain Shorts

B24 – Captain Shorts and the Crew of the S.S. Penticton

Captain Shorts known as the High Admiral of the Okanagan Ocean started a transport service with a rowboat named after his dear mother, Ruth Shorts. The mural depicts a technically advanced steam powered vessel and the crew from the S.S.Penticton, Short’s final vessel. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Margarita Alejandre, Liz Allardice, Eric Fossi, […]

Catherine Schubert

B25 – Catherine Schubert

This is, without a doubt, one of Western Canada’s most resolute pioneer women. Catherine O’Hare Schubert was the first white woman to travel overland from Eastern Canada to BC. She was five months pregnant when she started her journey with her husband and three small children. Lead Artist: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Jodi Falker, Jesse […]

Kalamalka Lake

B26 – Kalamalka Lake

This mural was based on a photo taken by George Meers. It depicts the emerald hues of Kalamalka Lake. The photo was black and white, but coloured by Mr. Meers through a process known as hand tinting. Lead Artists: Michelle Loughery Other Artists: Jodi Falker, Jesse Hannas, Kim Harrer, David Main, Natalie Mosser, Rae Murphy, […]

Ogopogo Mural

B27 – N ha-a-tik – Ogopogo

Okanagan Lake’s mysterious lake monster is world renowned. This mural was designed by using actual underwater photographs of Okanagan Lake, and merging them with First Nations legends and written accounts that describe the lake monster. Reports of Ogopogo date back to the 1860s. There have been many sightings and photos of the monster, but as […]