FEST Program

FEST Program - Making Downtown Come Alive 

In 2016 the Downtown Vernon Association (DVA), created the Downtown Vernon “FEST” (Festival & Event Support) program to support events and initiatives that bring residents, families, and visitors together downtown to take part in festivals, one-time or ongoing events.

It is our intention to play an active role in various events that allow us to promote and brand downtown Vernon as a desirable place to come. As the DVA is accountable to both its board of directors and its membership, it gives particular attention to events that can show measurable return on investment and/or tangible results. Given the DVA’s limited staff resources, we are particularly supportive of events that require little staff time but can deliver big impact.

Our Objectives:

to build strategic relationships;

to speak with a unified voice on behalf of our members;

to help create economic prosperity & sustainability;

to help make downtown Vernon a desirable place to come.   


Organizations are encouraged to apply for event support by January 15th annually, the DVA will allocate event support funding each year in late January/early February. Requests will be considered throughout the year as resources are available.

Cash/In-Kind Support

The DVA will support organizations & individuals that organize festivals and events through cash and/or in-kind support.

As budgets allow, it is the DVA’s intent to support as many worthy events as possible. The DVA must also ensure a particular event it supports is not reliant on the DVA for more than 30% of its overall operating budget. Up to $5,000 in cash funding is available annually for events/festivals that meet the program criteria and contribute to the DVA’s objectives.

In-kind promotion may occur through any of the following: inclusion in printed newsletters and/or e-newsletters; participation of DVA Staff at the event, and event listing & page on the DVA Website, promotion through social media, and advocacy and guidance from DVA staff. Additional opportunities may exist based on the organizations proposal/needs.

Download the FEST Program Application Here.