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Downtown Street and Safety Awareness

The Downtown Vernon Association regularly receives complaints from merchants regarding instances when they, or their customers, have felt unduly bothered and/or intimidated by others in our streets or alleyways. Incidents we hear about generally relate to:

  • Persistent panhandling
  • Public Drug Use
  • Intimidating or threatening behavior

In order to help us gauge the severity and frequency of such instances, please fill out the appropriate forms whenever you experience, or hear from a customer that they have experienced this kind of situation. Reporting is the most important step in building a case against any aggressive behaviors. These files are fillable online and can be sent to the DVA office via email [email protected]

Incident and Suspicious Activity Report

Incident Report and Investigation Form

Good Neighbor Bylaw

Who To Call

Vernon Survival Guide

Helpful links:

Community Police


City of Vernon

Bylaw Division: Reporting

The Downtown Vernon Association and the Vernon Community Policing Office are committed to ensuring the safety of members of the community and their property.

A 'Commercial Security Self-Assessment' is designed to help business owners, operators, and staff ASSESS the security in their business. It covers potential areas of vulnerability and provides suggestions for adapting your security to reduce the risk of crime against your business.

Print off this Commercial Security Self-Assessment to identify risk areas in/on your property.