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Request for Proposals - RespectFest Event Coordinator 2017

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

If you are an experienced event coordinator we would like to hear from you! 


The concept of Respect Fest 2017 is to build on other local projects/initiatives that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and to provide opportunities to learn more about First Nation history that predates confederation; acknowledging a history that goes back millenniums.

Respect Fest 2017 events will take place September 18 – 24, 2017 and over the course of the week are expected to attract 12,000 participants of all ages. The week-long festival, marking Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, runs from September 18-24, 2017 in Vernon.

Other Respect FEST events being coordinated by the DVA, the Allan Brooks Nature Centre and the Social Planning Council of North Okanagan are a multicultural food, music and dance festival, interpretive walks, outdoor excursions, and a multicultural garden.

Main Themes The main themes for Respect Fest 2017 are: respecting our land and environment; honoring our indigenous history and roots; understanding our multicultural history, and recognizing the strengths that diversity brings to our community and nation.

Partners Respect Fest 2017 is an initiative funded in part by the Government of Canada, the DVA and the City of Vernon.  The lead agencies are Social Planning Council, the Downtown Vernon Association and Allan Brooks Nature Centre with letters of support from an additional 30 organizations.

Dva Respect Fest Coordinator Rfp 2017