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Posted on Nov 30, 2017

The Bean Scene Coffee House is more than just a great cup of coffee, tasty sweets and treats, and a laid-back vibe perfect for hanging out downtown with a friend or reading a good book.

It's owned by Phil Lambert, a true philanthropist.

I recently had a phone conversation with Phil and he told me all about the initiatives that they are working on. He wasn’t bragging or looking for exposure, but I think that good things need to be shared and shouted from the roof top, so everyone knows about it.

Here are some really great reasons why you should consider purchasing your next cup of coffee at the Bean Scene Coffee House;

  • Contribute to the Bean Scene’s Elephant Project - In 2016 the Bean Scene adopted ‘Rosie the Elephant’, a small African elephant living at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The initiative gained huge popularity and through donations from customers and percentage of sales from coffee and treats Phil was able to raise enough funds to help support Rosie. Sadly, Rosie passed away last year but Phil was very excited to tell me that they got another elephant and will continue to dedicate funds to this project.
  • Build the Okanagan Rail Trail – To date The Bean Scene has helped raise enough money to purchase 21 meters of trail! If you are looking to be a part of this legacy, the Rail Trail Ambassadors will accept any size contribution and it will earn you a special spot on the snowflake wall.
  • Purchase equipment for VJH- Phil has recently partnered with The Boardwalk, another exceptional downtown business, to raise money for the Inpatient Mental Health program at Vernon Jubilee Hospital to purchase a blanket warmer.
  • Support local youth – Purchase a $25.00 teacup candle (made by a local youth) at the Bean Scene to support NOYFSS programs that are dedicated to helping young girls through some of the toughest years! Phil guaranteed that these will be around until at least Christmas but I recommend getting in there sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out!

Phil truly cares about the success of our community and he demonstrates that through his giving nature and by partnering with like-minded businesses to ‘take care of those that can’t take care of themselves’.

It feels like the perfect time for a cup of coffee, doesn’t it?