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Posted on Feb 5, 2019

Send A Card TO A Friend Day is February 7th | Downtown Vernon

I didn’t know there even was such a day! National Send a Card To A Friend Day is always observed on February 7th. According to Awareness Days ‘the day exists because sadly, many of our friends will experience loneliness and feel under appreciated from time to time’. Send A Card To A Friend Day is simply a way to let our friends know that we are thinking of them.

With technology making it being much easier nowadays just to reach out you would think that sending something in the mail would be completely foreign. I was pleasantly surprised after conducting a quick poll of people around me to find out how many people still do send cards in the mail! Out of 40 people, 68% said that they do still send cards in the mail, while 32% said that they do not. When asked why not the most common response was that it is just so much easier to send a text or email. However, everyone agreed that it really is wonderful to receive a card or letter in the mail.

Obviously, as demonstrated by my wonder, I am not one of those people that observe this national day! However, determined to change that I set off to find out exactly where a person would purchase a card for friend in Downtown Vernon.

If you want to put a smile on your friends face and are going to venture downtown to find a card you have some great options to choose from!Simply Baskets Home & Gift, Casa Bella Boutique, The Room Collection and Good Gracious carry everything from blank cards to more embellished ones. Expressions of Time, Nolan's Pharmasave, and Scattered Goods also sell perfect cards to send off! Make sure that you go out and do it today (or you will have to add a ‘belated’ in front of it!)

Give a friend a smile on February 7th and let them know you are thinking of them.

Send A Card To A Friend Day is Feb. 7th
Purchase a card for a friend Downtown Vernon